Tobacco Consumption Is The Biggest Culprit Of Preventable Death

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It is widely claimed that tobacco consumption is the biggest culprit of preventable death, which is responsible for more than 6 million of mortality worldwide per year, reported by the Centers of Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC). Recent research of CDC in 2015 also predicted that smoking in particular will be the cause of 8 million deaths annually by 2030. Such current trends prompt many nations to enact laws restricting the harvesting, distributing and selling tobacco products. One striking example is that in 2010, Bhutan became the first non-smoking country by imposing a nationwide tobacco products ban. According to that, all the acts of tobacco production, distribution and consumption were forbidden, otherwise the violators would…show more content…
Furthermore, not only does it involve several environmental problems that we have to confront, but also plays an essential role in developing the United States economy. The implementation and enforcement of the anti-tobacco laws of America are central to such major issues of the nation’s standards of living, economic growth and social welfare. In the following points. I will examine the mentioned aspects and some considerable oppositions.
To begin with, the first possible explanation for tightening anti-tobacco policies is that tobacco use has a detrimental effect on the users individually. In fact, the smokers jeopardize themselves by absorbing poisonous substances, which are active when ones are smoking. For instance, the chemicals in cigarettes include some in removers such as acetic acid and arsenic. The former is used to remove nail polish and hair dye, whereas the latter can be found in rat poison. Furthermore, methanol, tar and carbon monoxide, which are usually in vehicles’ released fumes, will be active in the smoker’s windpipe and lungs while he or she smokes. It is ironic, but literally the people who smoke are fumigating their respiratory system. Due to such poisonous chemicals, having a regular smoking habit will run higher risks of circulatory, respiratory and mental diseases.
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