Price Tag Confidential Case

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Price Tag Confidential
Pricing is a significant aspect of the value proposition for any purchase. According to the Price Tag Confidential Video by CBC Marketplace, there is a huge amount of difference in the price that consumers pay in Canada as compared with the United States. Different examples were given such as a low dose aspirin costs $13.96 CAD in Canada whereas in the United States the price is $5.96 USD i.e. 132% more. Another example given was that of a transmission safety switch which costs $389.32 CAD in Canada whereas in the United States the price is $203.89 USD i.e. 47% more. The prices of other products such as tires, running shoes, conditioner, printer, etc. were given in the video to illustrate the price gaps between these countries. …show more content…

The first one was the over the counter pharmaceuticals for Bayer, a pharmaceutical Company which produces low dose aspirin. Local economic conditions, cost of goods, differences in product formation and local regulatory packaging & distribution costs are the factors that have influenced the price discrepancy between the United States and Canada. It was also stated in the video that it is not appropriate to have a comparison in prices between these countries. The Bayer products had a price discrepancy of 130%. The ethical issue in this example is that it costs the same price to manufacture these products but they are sold to consumers at different price tags in these two countries. I think that these types of pharmaceutical products should not cost more in different countries since they contain the same ingredients as they are used for treatment

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