Primary Cause Of The Pequot War

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July 1636 through September 1638 was the beginning of the Pequot War. The war was the first big war fought against New England settlers and the Pequot Indians. “The primary cause of the Pequot War was the struggle to control trade. English efforts were to break the Dutch-Pequot control of the fur and wampum trade, while the Pequot attempted to maintain their political and economic dominance in the region.” This was the start of the Pequot War. This war was the start of a huge disagreement between many that would last for two years. “The main events surrounding the Pequot War occurred between 1637 and 1638. The parties involved were the Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth colonies along with Native Americans from the Narragansett and …show more content…

But on October 21, 1636, The English and the Narragansett enter a peace treaty and formed an alliance. “Massachusetts Bay pressure Plimoth Colony to join the war against the Pequot.” But the Plimoth colony did not take the offer. They continued to battle through the rest of the year. The battle did soon after all the fighting, calm down but was not completely over. The war continued of and on for bout one more year. Everyone colony did so much just to try to protect there colony and the people living there. In 1638 is when the war starts the resolve an calm down more. In this time period there was more arguing trying to get all the people who were captured by the colonies and Indians back. On September twentieth through the twenty-first, the English, Narragansett, and Mohegan, all gathered at Hartford to negotiate a treaty called the Hartford Treaty. “This treaty attempt establish that the English on the Connecticut River as the new Sachems of the new region who would mediate native disputes.” This treaty also assigned the Pequot captives to the Mohegan and Narragansett tribes. After the treaty was signed and was established, the war ended on September twenty-first 1638. Even though the war has ended, there were some consequences that came with this war. “The causes of the Pequot war are that both the Dutch-Pequot and the English wanted control of the fur trade. The consequences were that the tribe either fled, died or were sold to slavery.” The tribe

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