Primary Characteristics Of A Learning Centered College

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Objective Two: Program Redesign

One of the four primary characteristics of a learning-centered college is that the college assesses its effectiveness in relation to student learning (the Learning-centered Center College-Camosun College, n.d.). Currently Blue Community College has 12 special programs that aid in the process of ensuring the college is learning-centered. The variations of these programs are beneficial to the needs and interest of all students. It is important to identify and assess if these programs are current and relevant to the average student. Through my consultation, I have identified that in order for the college to adopt the characteristics needed to become learning-centered, the primary focus has to be assessing student learning. Learning outcome assessments will provide Blue Community College with accountability and transparency to ensure that the institution is providing all measures to guarantee student success. The assessments can also provide insight into the opportunities and challenges that are unique to each student and identify the relevancy of these programs. Blue Community College currently utilizes a program map for its students called a Student Plan. The student plan allows students to select their own course schedule; however, it provides an outline of the course sequence. It is imperative to ensure that the needs of the students are considered when creating an educational map. A through

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