Primary Functions Of The Professional School Counselor

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What are the primary functions of the professional school counselor?

Functions of the school counselor have changed throughout the decades (Dollarhide & Saginak, 2012). To support the current school reform movement, school counselors focus on standards that students should be able to accomplish because of their participation in a school counseling program (Wilkerson, 2010). It is suggested that these standards help to support students’ ability to be ready to learn (Wilkerson, 2010). Through the use of these standards, professional school counselors have a primary responsibility to provide effective services to support students in their academic success, career and college development, and social/emotional development (American School Counselor Association [ASCA], 2012). School counselors provide services to students by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program that supports student success through application of systemic change, advocacy, collaboration, and leadership skills (ASCA, 2012). For instance, if a counselor sees barriers that are interfering with student success, the counselor should advocate for students or empower students to advocate for themselves. Further, through the use of the ASCA (2012) model, professional school counselors provide a comprehensive school counseling program that focuses on foundation, management, delivery, and accountability (ASCA, 2012). For example, school counselors provide delivery of the school counseling program by
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