Princesses Don T Like Seeing People Get Hurt

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I think that the princess told him to pick the one with the girl in it. Princesses don't want to see people get hurt. I also know she can have any prince she wants because she a princess so she has to be good looking. If she did have any feelings for him she wouldn't want him to die she would want him to be happy. Usually princesses don't like seeing people get hurt. If she's a princess and he's not they obviously knew that it wouldn't of ever worked. She knew that she has to be married to a prince and not just a regular person. She knew that they would end up getting caught so she knew that they couldn't have deep feelings for each other. This is a princess were talking about, a princess she can have any prince she could probably want. I imagine her beautiful and irresistible to the eye. She would have someone that would actually have money and be handsome. It would also get her parents' approval and he would never have to be in the situation this other guy in.…show more content…
If you love someone you want them to be happy and if that's not with you then so be it but, you don't wish them dead. As hard as it probably is a princess would not do that, princesses are supposed to protect people not destroy them. She wants him to have a happy life without her because he knows that she will move on. So she's going to tell him to pick the door with the girl in it because she doesn't want to make the wrong decision and maybe regret it later in life. Princess is supposed to help people, she is helping him by telling him to move on, which is smart. She knew she couldn't be with him in the first place so I don't even know why she tried, but, she will find someone better and that has
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