Principal's Leadership Style Indirect Influence Students'success

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Does principal’s leadership style indirect influence students’ success in elementary schools?
The leadership style of school’s principals in U.S. elementary schools plays an indirect role in the academic success of students when is implicit a transformational approach in the principal’s behavior. I mentioned indirect impact, because the truly direct impact is toward the teachers, which, as a transitivity effect, impact as well the academic achievement of their students. The purpose of this paper is analyze the impact of transformational principals in teacher’s commitment and job satisfaction, and in consequence, their effect in the student’s success.
According to Owens and Valesky (2015), educational leadership is a dynamic process of constant, ongoing, and development changes. Leaders are compelled to continually evolve in their leadership style. In our ever-changing world, they must be open for the adaptive evolution of the humankind. In order to get involve in the dynamic process of change and development, educational leaders should be attentive to the new research and studies, which reveals relevant information regarding the evolution of organizational behavior. Additionally, they should take into consideration the impact of worldwide changes in the society in which the school is submerged. Leadership in ours times is a matter of challenges and adaptabilities, with the implicit skills of nimbleness and flexibility.
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