The No Child Left Behind Act

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Since the introduction of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001 in the United States, public education has seen dramatic changes and challenges. The NCLB Act has created stronger accountability measures for teachers and students, redesigned curriculum, and required highly qualified personnel. NCLB has dramatically changed the manner in which teachers teach, and principals lead (Ismail, 2012). NCLB has brought about changes in teacher job satisfaction and principal’s leadership styles.
Teachers are the largest professional body in a school setting, and they have the most influence on the environment of the school (Rowland, 2008). Teachers play a role in ensuring that a student’s performance increases yearly at …show more content…

Teachers, students, staff, and parents usually feel more comfortable and satisfied with their experiences and jobs (Rowland, 2008). If the principal is ineffective, then the opposite may equally hold true (Rowland, 2008).
This study seeks to examine a principal leadership style and its effects on teacher job satisfaction. In this study, an examination of how a principal’s leadership style affects teacher job satisfaction will be examined. This study will take place in nine elementary schools, two traditional high schools, and one alternative high school. Teachers with ten or more years of experience, principals, and vice principals will participate in this study. In addition, teachers will share their perceptions of how a principal’s leadership style impacts a teacher’s job satisfaction.
This study explored the relationship between a principal’s leadership style and teacher job satisfaction. In the field of education, the role of the principal has drastically changed.
Principals are no longer simply able to manage a school and the employees of the school.
Today 's principal must be knowledgeable in curriculum, data, and assessment, while effectively leading the school. Principals have the power to influence many factors in a school. One of the most influential factors is the effect a principal has on the teachers of the school. Teachers need

support, guidance, and encouragement. The principal plays a significant role in providing that

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