Principles Of Recovery Theory In Social Work

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The social work profession aims to maximise the well-being of individuals, families and community (AASW, 2010). In the mental health setting, the social worker places a primary focus on the interface between individuals and the environment in which recognises the impact of social, economic and cultural factors on the health and well-being of individuals and communities (AASW, 2015). It is important for the profession to understand the principles of recovery theory that underpins the social work practice in mental health. Social worker in mental health has to maintain a dual focus in resolving the external issue and helping individuals to reach their own potential through promoting recovery, resilience and reducing stigma.
Recovery refers to the ability to live a meaningful life both personally and in the community, redefining a positive sense of identity, making life adjustments, overcoming symptoms, stigma and living with the hopefulness for the future (Mental Health Coordinating Council, 2009). In regards to Richard’s case, social worker should emphasis on his lived experience while working towards a certain goal. His lived experience will provide the social worker a good insight for practice - and to assist him to gain and maintain control over his life. Richard situation is very challenging as he does not have a great supportive network other than his own family. Relationship is central to recovery because it provides individuals a mechanism to grow through problems and

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