Prison Systems In The United States Is Growing Massively,

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Prison Systems in The United States is Growing Massively, And It Needs to Change! The United States Prison Systems is at its all-time high. From 1984 to 2012 about 160,000 inmates were sentenced to life (Hamilton 805). In 2011, one million women were incarcerated or controlled by the Justice system, in which 68 percent of these women were black (Gross 32). Mass incarceration is a process of overfilling prisons with prisoners, who have committed minor and major crimes. The main targets were African Americans. In my proposal, we will explore the history of the US prison systems, examples of our current prison system; and how racism plays a big part because the United States prison system has a huge problem with mass incarceration, and the…show more content…
Unfortunately, when the alleged partner was put in prison, they are given more time than what fit the crime. Yet, it became a trend in the African American household because children tend to mimic what they see, and it triggers a cycle we still see today. This is why I propose that all cities comes together as a whole, on one specific day, and hold a local town hall meeting. At the conference, we combine all ideas and plans, and talk about the numerous ways we can modify our laws. In addition, to the local meeting we should gather one representative from each town to talk to the local lawmakers in order to start the law changing process. The following is the reason why the government doesn’t want to change laws. For example; the shares of two private prison corporations, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group rise as high as 43% and 27%, and the share value increased 75% and 54% (Takei and Egan). With the government gaining so much wealth, no wonder President Trump avoids prison reform. Trump reportedly stated “I do think we can do a lot of privatizations, and private prisons. It seems to work a lot better,” at a city hall in March when asked about prison reform (Takei and Egan). If the government improved laws, these changes would affect the stock market in a negative position, and what share holder wants that? One of the examples of our prison system today is the Kalief Browder story, of a young black man given the option of a plea as

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