Prison is no Changing Prisoners

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Research indicates that after indulging in criminal activities, approximately 70% of the released prisoners return to jail within a few years. Most of them fall in three broad areas:
• Violent offending
• Sex offending
• Addictions
(Prisoner Rehabilitation) This shows that there are many different types of criminals some more violent than others. On the other hand, some people believe that criminals can rehabilitate after prison. Evidence shows that some prisoner became authors, actors or even ministers. (10 People Who Changed the World – After Prison) Therefore rehabilitation can be believed possible. This paper seeks to prove that people can rehabilitate under right conditions. This research will begin by evaluating the evidence where prison does not appear effective showing that the conditions are not adequate. It will then proceed to investigate the effectiveness of the institution for rehabilitation where the conditions are better. In the process it will be highlighted that it is possible to rehabilitate prisoners in special conditions.

The ineffectiveness of prison Every year the number of prisoners in USA who return to jail increased gradually. Prison’s in the USA need to be improved. The graph below illustrates the proportion of released offenders in some states of USA, who returned to prison for either committing a new crime or a technical violation as well as those who…
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