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Zhenchi Tu 200345838 ENGL 110 Kathryn MacLennan Essay 1 February 2, 2017 Breaking Rules or Creating Hero Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K.Rowling shows the world of magic and wizardry. The main character Harry Potter is a boy who grows up in his uncle and aunt Dursleys’ house. Harry’s childhood was not so perfect. The Dursleys do not like him very well, and they treat Harry more like a servant than a family member. Fortunately, Harry is not a normal boy. His parents are wizards killed by Voldemort. Voldemort is a fallen wizard, he kills everyone who is against him but Harry. Harry survives under Voldemort’s attacks which makes him famous in thewizard world. After Harry’s 11th birthday, Hagrid brings him …show more content…

Harry can feel the presence of his father. Professor McGonagall is guider of Harry: “‘Potter, this is Oliver Wood. Wood -- I 've found you a Seeker!’ Wood 's expression changed from puzzlement to delight. ‘Are you serious, Professor?’ ‘Absolutely,’ said Professor McGonagall crisply. ‘The boy 's a natural. I 've never seen anything like it.’”(120). When Professor McGonagall said she found a new seeker, it can be easily imagine how excitedshe is. McGonagall must know that a first year is not allowed to fly a broomstick. But she ignores the rule and sees the talent of Harry. After Harry joins the team and gets first win in the Quiddtich game helping to Harry builds his own confidence. It is very important to Harry because his childhood is not very perfect. Pressures from the Dursleys make Harry very unconfident. He is afraid to against bullying from his family members. If McGonagall punish him when Harry against Malfoy’s bully, would make Harry feels his action is not correct. He would be afraid to fight back the wrong things. Just like Nevill to escape from Malfoy’s bullying. The support from McGonagall is not less than the support from Dumbledore. McGonagall is the one who builds Harry 's characters. In the troll instance, Quirrel , who is the carrier of Voldemort sets the troll free at Hallowing night. Everyone panics and Dumbledore ask prefects to lead students back to the dormitories. At this time, Harry realizes

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