Pro Choice : A Woman 's Choice

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Pro-Choice: A Woman’s Choice

Today’s society is filled with many controversial issues and debates in which most people take a side based on their personal viewpoints regarding one 's religious beliefs or moral codes. Not everyone is going to agree with each other on the same thing, and these opposing ideas is what essentially divides, and creates controversy within our society. Abortion seems to be one of the most controversial discussions, among many others, in the United States. The two sides to the abortion debate are: pro-life, in where one believes abortion should be illegal under any situation due to the un-born baby’s rights, and pro-choice, in where one believes the woman should have the right to choose whether she wants an …show more content…

About 50 million Americans in the United States do not have health insurance. For mother’s, this would mean that the she would have to pay $10,000 out of her own pocket in order to cover such expenses (White.) A baby requires a lot of money and attention, but without a stable home or a stable source of income, many of the child’s and mother’s needs are not met. For example, a mother in school is less likely to finish college, or even more so in this day in age, high school. This could be due to various reasons including not being financially stable, and these simple factors do have a negative impact on both the mother and child 's future (“Three Most Common Reasons Women Have an Abortion”).
The fact that the child is initially already unwanted due to an unplanned pregnancy could potentially cause serious psychological issues for the child and mother as well. Common sense and evidence both show that children are raised best when they are wanted and loved. For example, unwanted children are at risk of juvenile delinquency. A specific study in Washington State found that a higher percentage of children born to teenage mothers had an “11-fold higher risk” of becoming serious juvenile delinquents than other children. Some other studies show that a combination of a complicated birth and maternal rejection are associated with juvenile crimes
Cervantes 3 in the United States (Grimes.) These

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