Pro Gun Laws In North Carolina

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In today’s society there are many people and organizations that want to take gun rights from law abiding citizens. Most laws regarding firearm that are passed or even purposed make it harder to get a firearm, create less places to carry, or restrict what can be purchased. What about the laws that actually help protect people? What laws are affecting North Carolina campuses when it comes to firearms? Surprisingly, North Carolina is on a threshold of pro-gun legislation. In the past two decades North Carolina has become a “shall issue” state for concealed carry and has passed many pro-gun legislation. With the aspect of the second amendment and the meaning behind it, the law abiding citizen should be asking what politicians are doing for them.…show more content…
The active shooter incidents that the FBI used for this study occurred between 2000 and 2013. Although most of the 160 shooting would be considered to have happened in gun-free zones, the focus here will be on the 24.4% (39 shooting) that occurred on educational grounds. The study indicates that even though there were only 39 shooting at educational facilities these 39 shooting had some of the higher casualty counts at 117 deaths and 120…show more content…
This astonishing expansion of licensing (beginning in 1987) has been accompanied by a dramatic decline in national murder rates. Although nothing specifically correlates these two actions, it is believed that the relationship between them is significant. This has become one of the largest argumentative points for the expansion of concealed carry legislation. While multiple states already allow, by legislation; teachers, faculty, hired security or other specific persons the ability to carry concealed on school grounds, they all require some specific
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