Pro Sports Athletes Are Overpaid

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Pro Sports Athletes are Overpaid

Pro sports athletes are entertainers and loved by millions and get some of the highest payrolls out of anyone. Enjoyed by billions these multimillion dollar companies and sports teams like Fc Barcelona, LA. Lakers, Dallas Cowboys and many more spend millions more than the average human in their lifetime. On top of that are worth more than a billion each plus the contracts that companies like Nike and Adidas are willing to pay them. But are completely unfair pay wages next to The President of the United states. Yes I am talking about people like Barack Obama, Donald Trump, George W Bush, Bill Clinton and many many more, who only get 400,000 dollars for running our prized country. By examining paygrades, righteousness, and who overall is more deserving it’s quite clear that the beloved athletes you see on FOX, ESPN, NFL, SEC are in fact completely overpaid. Professional athletes may provide entertainment but the salaries they get do not match what they really should be. An average NFL player like Jeremy cash would most likely make the lowest of 750,000 dollars in their first year. But did you know that according to Todd Campbell from The Motley Fool an average general surgeon only makes around 317,000. This might seem like a high salary considering they are only surgeons, but you have to consider that these people had to go to college to get into their profession whereas a football player or basketball player if they did go to

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