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Probation and Parole Probation and parole their role in the criminal justice program. How well does society accept this program and the people? Is probation/parole effective and why. How the probation and parole system is governed and how effective is it? Probation vs Parole differ in regard to the period during which an offender is placed under supervision. Is probation effective and why. When an individual is supervised as an alternative to imprisonment it is known as probation. The probation process is less expensive then providing years of care with in the prison. The system benefits not just the dollars but in long term conditions for the parolee. Inmates often suffer loss of self-esteem and increased stress and anxiety because of the separation from their children. This helps with trying to secure adequate paying jobs when released. The main benefit for the criminal justice system is that they see fewer convictions in the future if they do not go to prison. The reason for is that the support system is able to stay in touch with them they have jobs to support themselves thus saving the government on rehabilitation once released. The supervision is not so tight however it does require day reporting. Day reporting is mandatory that the person must check in with a probation officer or at a facility on a daily basis. Each situation is different depending on the situation individuals may require drug rehabilitation programs along with the probation. The cost considerably

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