Problem Definition. . In A Mobile Network Different Kind

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Problem Definition In a Mobile Network Different kind of data flow over the network. In the recent year the communication over the Mobile Network in increasing very fast. Because of this the efficiency and the Quality of the service in Mobile Networks is affected. It results the delayed data transmission, Data Loss, Data Distortion and some other problems related to data. As the never size increased this problem becomes more critical. The proposed work is about to improve the QOS in a Mobile Adhoc Network. The proposed work is to improve the flow control respective to balancing the Bandwidth in Mobile Network. In this work we will work on Flow Control in Machanism in bottle neck flow control. Along with this we are providing an approach…show more content…
Fig 1.3 Centralized topology network For this reason, MANETs are also called infrastructure less or non-infrastructure wireless networks. The term ad hoc implies that this network is a network established for a special, often extemporaneous service customized to specific applications. MANETs enable wireless networking in environments where there is no wired or cellular infrastructure; or, if there is an infrastructure, it is not adequate or cost effective. The absence of a central coordinator and base stations makes operations in MANETs more complex than their counterparts in other types of wireless networks such as cellular networks or wireless local area networks (WiFi networks). In MANETs, routing and resource management are done in a distributed manner; that is, all nodes coordinate to enable communications among themselves. This requires each node to be more intelligent so that it can operate both as a network host for transmitting and receiving data, and as a network router for forwarding packets for other nodes. There are currently two type of mobile wireless networks. The first is known as the infrastructure Centralize Topology or as a fixed structure networks as shown in Figure 1.4. The bridges for these networks are known as base stations (BS). A mobile node within these networks connects and communicates with the nearest BS that is within transmission range. As the mobile goes out of range of one
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