Problem Section Of Rough Draft

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Research Paper Due Date: Week 2, Day 2: Problem section of rough draft is due. Week 3, Day 1: List of policy alternatives (citing sources) is due. Week 4, Day 1: Rough draft is due. September 28: Final Draft is due. Length: Your paper must be at least 4 pages (to the bottom of the 4th page), double spaced, with 12 point font and traditional margins. If it is short of that, 25 points will be taken off for every page it is short. That being said, I want 4 pages of important research and analytical content and not 4 pages of meaningless fluff. Purpose: I would never create an assignment just to waste your time. There are numerous purposes to this assignment. First, this assignment gives you the opportunity to explore a question in much greater depth than you normally would in the class. Being a 15 week class with lots of material to cover, we barely scratch the surface of most issues. Because we spend so little time on each topic, you are able to develop a general understanding of most issues, but you are never able to become an expert on any of them. This research paper gives you the opportunity to become an expert on something. It is expected that, by the time your paper is complete, you will be an expert on whatever topic you have written about and will be able to speak fluently on the subject, answering most questions someone could ask you. Secondly, this paper gives you the opportunity to work on your reading and writing skills, which are essential, not only to an

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