Gang Violence In Schools Essay

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NGARUIYA4 Mary Ngaruiya
John Zamparelli
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Problem solution essay Final Draft.
There are approximately 27,900 gangs, with 774,000 members, impacting towns, cities, and communities across the United States. According to a recent bulletin released by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 23 percent of students aged 12 through 18 years reported presence of street gangs in their schools. Almost half (46%) of students in public schools reported street gang presence. In addition, 21 percent of students in suburban schools and 15 percent in rural schools reported presence of street gangs. According to a survey conducted by the National Parents' Resource Institute for Drug …show more content…

The elementary curriculum is a precursor to the middle school one and it involves teaching about violence prevention, decision making and people to go by the children that needs help, teaches about good communication skills, anger management and great citizen’s attributes. The middle school program teaches about gangs, drugs, violence student’s roles in school and community, effective communication skills, empathy towards individuals affected by gangs, refusal to join gang’s tactics, anger control and an explanation of how to stay committed to their school and the community. The summer program provides for recreational activities such as sports, hiking and camping and also provides for educational activities. The family program teaches about great family relationships, effective communication, law abiding and effective discipline skills, and ways to reduce bullying (G.R.E.A.T). Participants in this program have shown significant increase in favorable social behaviors and high reduction in gang related activities. Other programs such as Ventura County’s Recovery Program offering counseling in mental and drug related cases have yielded significant decrease in gang related involvements and violations by the students attending that program. Multi Partner Attendance Center in Sacramento California that deals with gang related issues also recorded significant reduction in burglary and destruction related crimes by it attendees

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