Problem Solving and External Innovators Essay

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------------------------------------------------- Interactive Value Creation ------------------------------------------------- CASE 1: InnoCentive: The Idea of Crowdsourcing Pre-Assignment: 1. Why would firms use InnoCentive´s service to solve scientific and technical problems? * First, a seeker typically comes to InnoCentive because it has not been able to solve a problem on its own. * The Use of InnoCentive may lead to Bigger breakthroughs/increases the potential of innovations * Organizations can tap into the diversity of the InnoCentive Marketplace to find gifted individuals they would never otherwise identify. * The pool of potential participant-solvers is quite broad including many people …show more content…

* The solution will only be seen by InnoCentive and the company that post the challenge. * Solvers who submit solutions just grant Seekers a temporary license to perform the necessary evaluation. * Seekers give up any rights to use in any future work the information provided in the submission of a solution that was not accepted. * A Solver whose solution was accepted received the pre-announced reward and transferred all IP rights to the Seeker * (Solvers who were employees of other companies were asked, before the transfer took place, to provide a signed employee waiver.) * (IC´s rate of successful IP transfer exceeded 99% in and out of more than 60 countries.) * Network effects: * Advertising yourself * Maybe new job opportunities * Contented companies maybe will ask for a job assignment 3. What kinds of problems are appropriate for Broadcast Search? * Publishing openly valuable R&D issues * One of the major concerns for companies involved in R&D is that if they openly invite contribution from a larger number of external partners; their competitors would come to know the next products on which they are working – leading to a competitive disadvantage. * InnoCentive, to a certain extent, relieves this concern by providing an option of

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