Essay on Problems for Young, American Owners of Dynamic Duo, Inc.

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Dynamic Duo, Inc., opened its manufacturing plant several months ago. The company is owned and operated by two enterprising business students, Jack Richter and Drew Saline, from Poedunk University in Poedunk, U.S.A. The company has 75 employees, most of whom work on the floor of the plant and handle the heavy equipment needed to manufacture widgets. One supervisor is in charge. Dynamic Duo, Inc., is concerned about safety, but the owners know almost nothing about OSHA. As a consultant to implement compliance with OSHA, at the owners request they are in need of what they should do next. The citations concern scaffolding and ergonomics problems (Bernardin, 2007). OSHA relies on employer injury and illness records to target its enforcement …show more content…

Another person fell off some scaffolding. Another has become mysteriously ill, and three others have suffered minor cuts. Dynamic Duo are definitely having majors issues and legal steps are needed to keep the company legal cost down. One legal step recommended for Dynamic Duo to consider taking in this situation is to inform their attorney as well as their local OSHA office that a compliance officer entered the facility without permission and toured the facility without a management or employee escort, which is in all probability a violation of Dynamic Duo's rights. In addition, Dynamic Duo should have their attorney to file a complaint with OSHA as well as to pursue civil litigation in order to have the citations thrown out, due to the fact that they were provided by an OSHA representative who entered into the facility without authorization or escort. These consideration do not in no way make Dynamic Duo a responsible party in these situations. According to a study conducted by the University of California and Harvard University confirming that OSHA’s inspections prevented workers from getting hurt on the job and saved billions for employers through reduced workers’ compensation costs. The study, “Randomized Government Safety Inspections Reduce Workers Injuries with No Detectable Job Loss,” reported that workplace injuries claims dropped 9.4 percent at businesses in the four years following a randomized OSHA inspection,

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