Process Analysis: How To Get rid of a Roommate: Without Committing a Crime

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How to Get Rid of a Roommate – Without Committing a Crime I came home exhausted from school and work and I just wanted to drop my bag on the ground and slump into bed. I stepped into my room and flipped on the lights; to my astonishment there was Cynthia & a boy- in MY bed. “Cynthia!!” I snapped. She slowly opened her groggy eyes, as she gained awareness of the situation. “What are you doing? Why are you in my bed?” Her reply forced me to hold back the incredible hulk that’s lies within me. “Well… funny story” she said in a giggly way. “You see... my boyfriend was over, and we broke my bed, so we had to use yours, but I laid out blankets for you to sleep on the couch.” Just as I was about to say how disgusting that was, she…show more content…
On Tuesday I took all the toilet paper in the apartment and hid it in my room, and when I showered I took all of the hair from my brush and left it in the shower drain. Then I hid the keys to her car, and left my things all over the apartment. By this time her rising stress level was becoming apparent. Cynthia should’ve seen it coming, after all- what goes around comes around. “Its prime time” I said to myself in the mirror. The last half of my plan was the most valuable, and the most malicious. Wednesday night I brought my boyfriend over for a “study date” and broke her bed that she just got fixed, and left her blankets to sleep on the couch. I also “accidentally” read her journal. My bed never felt more comfortable than it did that night. On Thursday I brought all my friends over and had a rowdy party so it was impossible for Cynthia to study-or get any sleep, it wouldn’t be that bad- except for the fact that she had exams the next day. On Friday I woke up smiling. By this time our apartment was trashed. My things were everywhere, except my room. The bathroom looked and smelled disgusting, none of the dishes were done, and when Cynthia came home she looked outraged. Don’t get mad; get even because seeing that look on her face was priceless- Sweet revenge. My plan had worked.

“Okay, what’s your problem” Cynthia demanded.
“You” I confidently replied. She had a puzzled look on her face.
“What do you mean?” she stuttered.
“Cynthia you drive me
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