Process Essay: How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse First off, zombies are a figment of our imagination, beings made purely for our enjoyment. The zombie apocalypse is also made up. A land of horror made simply for the zombies. A land brim full of death and decay. Many games are made to show the land with a physical form. But none of them would come close to how frightening the experience would be if that world was real. If we were to experience this full on, the ‘player’ would be much, much more frightened because they wouldn’t know what to do, I sure as heck would be. Weapons wouldn’t be lying around and such for you like within games. So, dear ‘player’, let me tell you a few tips to survive a world of ‘deceased’ fiction. Furthermore, in the land of the…show more content…
Scientifically the way people think about zombies are completely incorrect and unreasonable. The chances for a zombie apocalypse are very slim, but there is a way. By viruses, in a very complicated way, viruses may lead to the cause of humanity’s possible doom. Most viruses use the retrograde axonal transport system for travel throughout the body. Using these nerves, the virus could enter anywhere from a body to the brain, but for this specific virus, it would enter through a nose for easier access to the correct parts of the brain. The virus would have to destroy very specific parts of the brain, without damaging it further to make a person reach a zombie-like state. The frontal lobe, amygdala, ventromedial hypothalamus, would be the main receivers of the attack. Causing the person to obtain an urge to eat flesh, and they would completely forget about their family and friends. In conclusion, the zombie apocalypse would be hard to handle, but if taking all of the facts into consideration, you might survive. Heck, it might never even happen! But, that experience would be extremely frightening to live in. but thankfully, that kind of hideous world doesn’t exist!. But if it were to happen, be ready to survive, or die. But, always remember, so far that land of death is not possible, so be safe, don’t worry
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