Process Mapping

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| 9.13 Interim Report: Summary This report offers a basic theory of process mapping in different factors, which has an influence on the service operation management. A basic definition is mentioned to recognize its utilization in the business operation with explain the tools that used to map a process. Various advantages of process mapping are discussed as well. The way of mapping a process in three levels is included to specify the activities in the operation. With a well created process mapping, there are more implementations in different industries, such as manufacturing industry. Severn wastes could be well developed based on the process map to improve the service efficiency. Contents Introduction 1 Definition of Process…show more content…
The activities that represented also consist of a lot of different tasks. Micro level is a more detailed level which specifies each single action, process and decision making points. It is clearly illustrated in the Appendix on Page 7 for the total levels of mapping a process. (Damelio, R, 2011, p.125-134) Implications and Analysis of Process Mapping Process maps display the activities of any particular process; it has been an important tool for the implication in the manufacturing market. In the manufacturing industry, waste elimination is an effective way to add profit in its distribution business. It is essential to recognize what the waste is and where it exists. Taiichi Ohno, the former Chief Engineer at Toyota, has identified 7 wastes in the manufacturing process relying on the maps. (Tapping, D et al, 2002, p.40-45) * Overproduction * Transportation * Motion * Waiting * Over Processing * Excess Inventory * Defects These 7 wastes are the basics of the unprofitable actions of the business. See the Appendix on Page 8, for the detail explanation for these wastes. It has the possibility by evaluating the wasted in each process for the improvement of its value. Conclusion To summarize, the process mapping has been considered in details for the improvement of service operation. As mapping the processes with the specific symbol, it could not only easily identify the different types of activity that happened during the operation process, but also
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