Process Of Investigation

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When a trial is being conducted, there are certain rules that go into effect so as to protect the integrity of the trial proceedings. Some of these include jurors not watching TV so as to bias their opinions for or against the defendant or communicating with those outside of the groups the individual is assigned to, such as the jury communicating with the prosecution or defence teams. In high profile cases where a trial is being widely and publicly broadcast on the news and media, a judge might order a jury sequestration, or a removal of the jury from the public for an undetermined amount of time. (Sequestration. n.d.) If the jurors communicate with either of these parties, they could be talking about numerous things. Some of the possibilities…show more content…
They collect evidence of all kinds, including witnesses. Sometimes the investigating officers come across evidence that would clear the accused of any wrongdoing. The American Bar Association describes what the process of discovery is: “Discovery enables the parties to know before the trial begins what evidence may be presented. It’s designed to prevent "trial by ambush," where one side doesn’t learn of the other side’s evidence or witnesses until the trial, when there’s no time to obtain answering evidence.” (Advertisement. n.d.)This can be avoided by the requirement to produce all information found in the investigation. Witnesses can be pulled aside for a deposition hearing to tell what they know in person and could possibly bring to light more information and evidence based on what they saw. The term for handing over such is known as the Brady rule. Brady had been convicted in a Maryland court of first degree murder. (Brady v. Maryland Case Brief. n.d.) The prosecutor had withheld the statement that proved that Brady did not commit the murder himself and was just an accomplice. After discovering this evidence, the punishment was overturned and Brady was given a sentence as an accomplice to murder instead of the actual
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