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PROCTER AND GAMBLE. INC SCOPE ( MOUTH-WASH BRAND IN CANADA) Procter & Gamble is one of the most successful consumer goods companies in the world. There are many brand names found under the name of P&G INC . Scope, a mouth-wash brand, is a part of P&G. Scope was introduced as part of oral hygiene industry in the year 1967, in Canada. Scope had the highest market growth in Canada.

1. What significant changes have occurred in the Canadian mouthwash market in the past three years? The most important change occurred in the Canadian market in the past three years was the introduction of Plax , a pre-brush …show more content…

How would you evaluate the performance of Scope in the past three years? When scope was introduced initially, it aimed and focused at providing people improvement for fresh breath. Scope therefore had highest market shares. But with the passage of time, competition was given to Scope by some existing brands and newly introduced brand products. Plax followed by Listermint and Colgate were giving tough competition to Scope in past three years by gaining their value more in mouth-wash market shares. Especially after the introduction of Plax pr-brush mouth-wash. Seeing the company records of Canadian Mouthwash Market Shares for past three years, I feel that the performance of scope in market was consistent despite the arrival of new products in market. In 1988 and 1989 , its market shares were 33% of whole mouth-wash market while it slightly came down to 32.3% in 1990. It is good that the company didn't let its market shares decline despite introduction of new products. But it is also noticeable that the company did not make any progress in its market shares. Scope was spending maximum on advertisements. So in that scenario, they cannot afford to lose market shares. Instead, it should try to increase its market share by introducing

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