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Product placement can be considered a new marketing tool when associated within motion pictures and television. It can result in a more positive brand attitude when the product is associated with a character or group of characters that are preserved to be positive in the eyes of their audience. It is the intention of this study to look at the effects of product placement and it's use in combination with advertising and their effects on the target audience. This literature review is an attempt to view both sides of the controversial issue.
Problem Statement
The problem of this study is the effect of product placement, used as a marketing tool, in motion pictures, television, literature, Internet, and in games, and the …show more content…

The story ( I was told) was the production company forgot to take off the Ford logo from the vehicle. The day after the show aired the producers of the show thought that when Ford saw or heard of their vehicle being on the show, they felt they were going to be sued. Well Ford did call the next day but, instead of being upset, Ford offered the producers two new vehicles while they are in production. Hence Product Placement in television started." (Weinberg)
Weinberg went on to ask company's why they use product placement and receive a overwhelming response saying, "We do it because it is a heck of a lot less expensive than taking out an ad in a magazine or doing a billboard ad." (Weinberg) He asked Sandra Sheri Sendra who is in charge of Product Placement for MET-Rx & Worldwide Sports Nutrition if she is able to track the effectiveness of product placement for her products and she said, "Absolutely! We did a promotion with the Warner Brothers production, "Any Given Sunday". What we did was a insert in our Protein Plus Bar. We track sales from the promotion. Suddenly our sales jumped 33%. The movie went from third place in the box office and then dropped down, but we kept our promotion going. I spoke with Warner Brothers and they would like to do more Product Placement with us, because after the film dropped in the box office our promotion regenerated interest in the film causing it to shoot back up in the charts.

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