The World Is Like One Big Marketing Ploy

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The world Is like one big marketing ploy. Advertisements are everywhere from subtle movie appearances to billboards and everything in between. Advertisers continue to find more ways to push their products with the hopes that the next method will prove more successful than its forerunner. The articles “Illusions Are Forever” by Jay Chiat and “Champagne Taste, Beer Budget” by Delia Cleveland illustrate the result of successful advertising and how it works. Quite a few of these seldom fail to prove fruitful .The most effective forms of advertising are high-end product placement and celebrity endorsement. Celebrity endorsement is possibly the most successful form of advertising. The fact that a celebrity approves of a product is often enough for people to get on board. Advertisements create a false life or image. Chiat says in his article: “Advertising--including movies, TV, and music videos--presents to us a world that is not our world but rather a collection of images and ideas created for the purpose of selling” (Chiat 212) .There is no better way to sell a false life or idea than to have a celebrity sell it for you. Delia Cleveland claims that “Life as I knew It revolved around a classy facade(217). This is what celebrities are paid to do. The point of celebrity endorsement is to make you believe you can have the life portrayed if you buy whatever product they are advertising. People purchase the fantasy sold but the truth is the product didn’t make you
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