Production And Production Of Production Essay

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The goal is to make the production or service more attractive to the active and potential users which results in creating more demand. Product process is mainly to perform group of activities where the actual input is converted or transferred to productive output. Resources includes: Facilities Equipment Knowledge Labor And capital The producers are of two types, namely ‘Producer of Raw material’ and ‘producer of finished goods’. Both types depend on one another. Former processes include, e.g. mining ore minerals, drilling underground, extracting conventional resources etc. But also raw material production also farming, raising animals or catching seafood etc., comes under this category. Latter, transferring the raw materials into the finished products which shows the dependability of both examples are production industries, processing industries etc., sometimes a product can also be services such as plowing, housekeeping, teaching skills etc., As a matter of fact for cost reduction the producers of tangible, industrial products are moving to those areas where there are cheap labors. For example, developed nations like ‘United states of America’, Europe, japan, etc., are increasing producers of intangible items and services. The value of SCM in a company starts with the ability of them to optimize their productive resources. Previously, manufacturing means one single location will have millions of dollars’ investment, thousands of suppliers and customers, supply

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