Profesional Athletes Going For Gold

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Being a professional athlete means that the individual is one of the best at what they do. There are very few, if any, who could beat them. Professional athletes play their sport in front of an audience and get paid for it. If the athletes are good enough, they develop fans. The fans enjoy seeing the athletes play so much that they are willing to pay to watch. Professional athletes are a lot like entertainers or performers. They must risk failure to succeed. But if they fail too often, they could potentially lose their fans, and if they lose their fans, their career as a professional athlete could be over. Professional athletes train for competitions or games in figure skating, baseball, tennis, golf, skiing, football, swimming, or whatever sport they specialize in. They put in hours and hours of physical training and loads of practice. “Most athletes train seven days a week for about five hours each day” (Castro). On competition days, athletes stretch, rest, drink water, and eat healthy foods. Professional athletes are expected, by their fans and coaches, to be the best they could possibly be at their sport. Many kids, mostly in high school, dream about becoming professional athletes because they are not required to further their education beyond high school, as being a professional athlete does not require any education. If you are good at your sport then you are in. But there is a low percentage of athletes that actually make it to the pro stage, so most kids fall short
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