Professional Development Project : Professional Counselor Essay

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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Upon embarking on my professional development project, I knew that it was important to select a Licensed Professional Counselor that was truly passionate about the field of counseling. I am fortunate to have a relationship with an Executive Director of a Counseling Center, whom referred me to Stephanie Featherston, LPC. I am grateful for this relationship with the Executive Director as I embark on my journey in counseling. I learned that Stephanie specialized in traumatology, a specialization that I did not know much about. This intrigued me greatly and was my inspiration in selecting her as my interviewee.

Interview a Licensed Professional Counselor Stephanie Featherstone is a married, 40 year old caucasian woman. Featherstone shared that she came to the decision to pursue counseling after three attempts at different degrees. She became a teacher and stayed in that profession for two years. She loves children, but didn’t enjoy the group discipline that her teaching required. She feels children are brilliant and yearned to see and have individual time with each child. After receiving her certification in grades 1-8 Stephanie hoped to serve elementary school children, but was sent to a middle school.

Credentials and Training Stephanie then decided that the collegiate level would be best for her as she felt college aged students were responsible for themselves. She decided on a teaching specialization in theology and went to
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