Professional Learning Reflection Team White : Krista Tharp Essay

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Professional Learning Community Reflection Team White: Krista Tharp Descriptors Points possible Points earned
Demographics All pertinent, available data included 5
Topic/Situation Detailed description of the behavior including frequency, latency, duration, and intensity (highlighted in yellow); include typical antecedents and consequences.
Correlation to
Classroom Management Utilizes appropriate information and resources to highlight the need for student behavior modification including the impact on the individual and the impact on the classroom community
Special needs
Considerations/concerns Clear and concise information pertaining to the behaviors as established in previous ECSP coursework; What is the function of the behavior?
Target behavior for modification Valid target behavior that actually impacts a student’s success 5
Strategies/ Suggestions 3 -4 strategies that are directly related to the student’s targeted behavior and is within the realm of modification for the classroom teacher and the student.

Date: 11/27/16

Demographics: Josh is a 7-year-old African American male who is in the second grade. Josh is average in both height and weight. He wears clean clothes, although they do tend to sometimes be too large for his size,

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