Professional Paramedic Personal Statement

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In the near future I aspire to embark on a career as a qualified professional Paramedic with a successful degree. I want to aid people in threatening and non-threating life situations at my extreme personal best. My curiosity and willingness to help others arose due to a personal loss, thus wanting to study paramedic science at university level and be part of the NHS; a place where life, love and loss unfolds every single day.
My recent voluntary work at Robert Harvey Nursing Home gave me direct experience with patients suffering from various mental health conditions. This challenging experience required me to speak clearly with reassurance to an unfamiliar age group and liaise with senior staff. My ability in speaking Punjabi fluently is beneficial …show more content…

I am delegated to assist pupils that require extra guidance by further explaining the work set. Using my own initiative I conclude the best approach of how to teach each pupil. Therefore, developing my confidence of how to interact with diverse age groups.
During the summer of 2012, I went on a family holiday to India where I was able to willingly help local children, those who are unfortunate to gain an education, with basic numeracy and literacy skills. This is a personal accomplishment, as I was able to help and care for others, providing them with assurance to aim higher and excel their self-belief.
My strong enthusiasm for Psychology developed when my Grandad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Dementia. It encouraged me to widen my knowledge and acquire more information of how the brain functions including what causes aggression in Dementia patients and the affect it has on capacity in the short term memory.
Following set instructions and guidelines is vital when conducting experiments in Chemistry, as it requires the handling of harsh chemicals. Paramedics have patients and colleague’s safety at their best interest, whilst providing pre-hospital care, hence maintaining precision and accuracy is …show more content…

Attaining a bronze Duke of Edinburgh award has been a great achievement. It was necessary to co-operate and delegate with the team to reach set goals. It was a very challenging experience, which I was determined to conquer. Receiving the highest achiever award for ICT has been a great personal success. It illustrates the dedication and resilience I have for my work.
To raise money for charity, I often bake cakes for coffee mornings. I am part of a social bhangra group, with 4 other members. It involves choreographing dances, designing costumes and performing to large audiences. This involvement has encouraged me to maintain my fitness and socialise outside work and education. I also enjoy swimming as I find it relaxing and stress-free. Traffic Cops and 24 hours in A&E have always been of high interest. Watching such programmes gives me an insight to how professional instantly think of the best solutions to resolve stressful

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