Professional Practice Model Of Nursing

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Professional Practice Model
The profession of nursing as an academic discipline is based upon the existence of nursing theory and research. Nursing theory is the foundation upon which nursing has grown and been recognized as a profession, while research has contributed to the expansion of the knowledge base. This is significant for nursing, in providing a theoretical knowledge structure on which to base nursing care practices and guide development in providing knowledgeable care (Alligood, 2014).
Nursing theory-based practice within an organization, has demonstrated improved communication, time savings, a foundation for professional nursing care, and clarity in decision-making capabilities (Alligood, 2011). Therefore, it is beneficial for an organization in health care to adopt a nursing philosophy that is consistent with their mission and assist in establishing a structure for the nursing care it provides to its patrons.
Organizational Definition
Grinnell Regional Medical Center’s (GRMC) mission statement (2009) is the dedication to “Health Care for Life” (para. 1). The mission incorporates care and compassion for the patients it serves, being responsive, meeting community needs, providing quality care, and a commitment to the promotion of wellness, restoration of health, and quality of life for all that are served by this hospital. The vision of the organization is based upon quality, patient safety, and excellence in service. Consequently, the basic values…
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