Professional Practice Model Of Nursing

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Professional Practice Model The profession of nursing as an academic discipline is based upon the existence of nursing theory and research. Nursing theory is the foundation upon which nursing has grown and been recognized as a profession, while research has contributed to the expansion of the knowledge base. This is significant for nursing, in providing a theoretical knowledge structure on which to base nursing care practices and guide development in providing knowledgeable care (Alligood, 2014). Nursing theory-based practice within an organization, has demonstrated improved communication, time savings, a foundation for professional nursing care, and clarity in decision-making capabilities (Alligood, 2011). Therefore, it is beneficial…show more content…
Unfortunately, there is no organizational recognized nursing philosophy, to provide structure or assist nurses in the provision of care for their patients. Nursing theory-based practice can provide knowledge for nursing practice within an organization. It can guide professional practice by providing a systematic approach that is focused on the patient. Theory-based practice can stimulate research and practice, while generating new ideas or concepts that may improve the care given to the patients. According to Ellis in 1968, “it is essential for theory to develop and guide practice…theories should reveal what knowledge nurses must, and should, spend time pursuing” (Alligood, 2014, pg. 11). Therefore, in determining a nursing theory in which GRMC could implement a professional practice model, it is pertinent to review the mission and vision statements in order to determine a common concept by which to follow. The apparent theme to the organizational mission in which to establish a theory-based nursing practice is- caring. Caring is noted at the beginning of the mission statement as providing care and compassion for all patients and is repeated through out these statements as quality care, cooperative spirit, and compassionate service (GRMC, 2009). Jean Watson’s Caring Theory would be an excellent choice in
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