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I have become more proficient in my study skills and organization skills. When we have a test in class I study more often and I don't leave it at last minute like I used to. I have taken the time out of my day and force myself to study. I do not procrastinate like I used to, and I get my work done. Days before the test I will spend my time studying for about 3 hours a day with breaks in between. In class I have gotten better at organization skills. I used to forget or leave it till the end of class to write the homework, that would usually result in my forgetting to write my homework down in my planner. Now I write down my homework or any other assignments in beginning of class. This has lead to me to completing my assignments and not forgetting them and then doing them at last minute. I have also bought more folders for each class, because I used to have two folders and put everything in the same folder. Now with my new folders I am able to store everything separately and know where each paper is.

I have grown in handling a conflicts. I used to just ignore a conflict and get really mad, and instead of solving the conflict I would ignore it. I have been handling problems calmly and steady …show more content…

When the teacher asks for the answer that I already know I am the type of person to not raise my hand and answer it even if it meant getting extra credit points. I am a really shy person and even if I know I have the right answer I get anxiety believing that the answer I give might be wrong. I know that being wrong is not bad because you can learn from your mistakes, but I do not like being wrong in front of the class because it makes me feel dumb. No matter what anyone says about me not being dumb for getting the answer wrong, I still feel that way. I want to be able to grow and change my mentality of how I view participation. I want to be able to get rid of my anxiety and be able to learn from my

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