Profiling and Police/Community Relations Essay

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Scientific Methods
Scientifically, profiling and police-community relations are comprised of a two-fold focus. The first focal point concentrates on attitudes members of a community have about profiling in accordance to actions conducted by police officers upon them in the course of their duties. The second focal point concentrates on the profiling of police officers, as completed by early intervention systems, in an effort to reduce complaints from members of the community. The literature on the attitudes which community members have about profiling states that race, personal experience, and media framing influence the public’s perception (Graziano, Schuck, & Martin, 2010; Weitzer & Tuch, 2002). The literature on early
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The first, and the most common, is that of racial profiling performed by the police towards the citizens of the community. This type of profiling is traditionally felt more by non-White communities living in lower income housing neighborhoods where the crime statistics are known to be higher. Researchers have generally focused on race as a basis for stopping, questioning, and searching citizens, as well as on severe cases of misconduct, including police brutality or the shooting of citizens (Graziano, Schuck, & Martin, 2010). Yet many questions remain as to how this profiling correlates to police-community relations, which is what this research will explore. The second type is the profiling of police officers by early intervention systems to determine if police-community relations can improve with proper warning systems in place. These systems are essential mechanisms which will help raise flags when there is notice of problem officers or other police misconduct (Macintyre, Prenzler, & Chapman, 2008). This research will explore their usefulness and effectiveness in improving police-community relations.
Statement of problem Little information is available about the interrelationship between community citizens and the police. There is much that needs to be explored before any policies may be put in place. Researchers have demonstrated that police profiling community residents and early intervention systems profiling police impact
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