Progressive Discipline Essay

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Independent Contributor
Each Independent Contributor is accountable for reaching established performance objectives, and will be evaluated and reviewed on an ongoing basis. When an Independent Contributor’s performance falls short of his/her expected objectives, behaviors, or skills, a Performance Improvement Plan will be initiated immediately.
During the implementation of the performance improvement plan, written documentation of discussions, counseling, and termination warnings will be maintained by the department manager and Human Resources; with copies given to the Independent Contributor. However, termination, if warranted, may occur at any time even if an employee has not been subject to or completed the Performance Improvement …show more content…

There will be various degrees of discipline that are progressive; they are in place to ensure that the IT technician has amble time and opportunity to correct his/her performance. IT technicians will be given one oral warning prior to a written warning. The IT technicians will then be given two written warnings prior to termination. There is no set time frame for the progressive process.
For serious offenses, such as physical fighting, theft of company property, threats of violence, insubordination, the sale or possession of illegal drugs on company property, etc., termination may be the first and only disciplinary step taken.
Overseas – Sales Rep
Sales Reps are responsible for complying with the company’s highest standards of ethical behavior while dealings on the company’s behalf. Sales Reps must be aware of and comply with all laws, rules and regulations as understood in the jurisdictions in which they are conducting company business. Sales reps must act with the highest integrity when dealings with all people inside as well as outside the company, including but not limited to government officials, customers, suppliers and members of the community.
Sales Reps are legally prohibited from engaging in corrupt practices when dealing with foreign governments. It is a

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