Major Discipline Philosophies Of The Classroom Essay

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Major Discipline Philosophies
In an interview, Harry Wong stated that, “The number one problem in the classroom is not discipline: it is the lack of procedures and routines,” (Wong). Harry and Rosemary Wong support a system of classroom management rather than classroom discipline. The Wong’s believe that students need to be “taught the roles, procedures, processes, and routines” that they are expected to follow (Charles, 116). When the “teacher explains the procedures of the classroom to the students, and the students turn the procedures into a routine,” then the teacher will have better control over the class with less discipline issues (Wong). For the Wong’s discipline philosophy, the teacher needs to have a script for the first day of class with everything that needs mentioned and completed. The students need to be greeted at the door by the teacher, bell work needs to be placed on all of the desks (even on the first day of school), and procedures and rules need to be taught, rehearsed, reinforced, and repeated (especially during the first two weeks of school). The students need no down time during class, by allowing down time, the teacher is allowing the students to misbehave. The students will follow directions when given, raise hand before speaking, and use kind words. The teacher will take role while all students are working on bell work so that it doesn’t take time from learning. Similar to Wongs’ discipline philosophy, Fred Jones believes that routines and

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