Progressivism And Social Reconstruction : Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education Paper Throughout this class I have been presented with many controversial issues going on in the education system today. I have never truly thought about them in such a way that impacted my philosophy of Education. Whether it be the school reforms, the types of schools, laws passed, etc. I was able to evaluate the importance of education in a brighter light than ever before. My philosophy for education includes instruction for life skills, social behavior, and one’s true self, with Progressivism and Social reconstruction being my main focus for education. Purpose of Education The views of education are so wide and different that it is important to incorporate all of the best ones to create a productive environment in the classroom. I believe that Progressivism and Social Reconstruction are key to creating an engaging, constructive, and warm learning environment. The progressivism theory conducts the schools to incorporate various concerns and discoveries from the real-world experiences (Sadker and Zittleman 2013). There are many instances in the classroom where students become tired of the material they are learning, however acknowledging the ways they can use it in the real world makes the knowledge they gained so much more gratified. Bringing Social Reconstructionism into the classroom provides students the availability to become aware of the society that they live in, teaching them to be responsible citizens when they grow up. Many
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