Project Management Of The Mordern Time

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Project management in the mordern time started in the 1950s and this was motivated by businesses that came to the realisatiion of the benefits of organising work around projects, and the importance of communication and cordination of work across various department and professions.
Project management comprises of different task which all have definate beginning and an end, it is believed that its not a continous process and it utilises various tools to measure progress and also to keep note of project tasks. Wesley et al (2003)
PMI (2013) sees a methodology as a system of practices, procedures, techniques and rules. With project management methodology it is seen as a documented and discoverable set of policies, process, pratices, techniques, tools and template that creates support on how project are conducted and run in an organisation. A methodology as described can be large or minimal, it can be simple or complex, it can be rigorous or linear. Stated in phases or for the whole period of the project life cycle. According to PMI (2013) which stated that there is no one, single project management methodology that should be utilised to all projects all of the time. Furthermore, a project management methodology should show the period, capacity, and the complexity of individual project and be blended to the industry, the culture of the organisation and the standard of the project management advancement of the organisation.
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