Project Plan For A Project Management Plan

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Introduction This paper is aimed at developing an elaborated project plan for the project that we have been discussing in the past weeks. The key idea of this comprehensive project plan is to prepare a detailed formal document which charts out a plan for end to end execution of the project. If a project is not supported by an adequate project management plan then it will a big risk of losing out on track and may not achieve its objectives. Hence, it is essential for every manager to bring out a project management plan before moving onto the project execution phase. The key elements of this plan are primary and secondary objectives, planning elaborations, important decisions and assumptions and so on. Using this document, managers can create communication mechanisms, project baselines and detailed strategies to achieve the project objectives (Harris, 2011). Narrowing down the focus, I have documented a detailed plan of transformation for the motorcycles maker into manufacturer of a touring class motorcycles. Meanwhile, the company will continue to produce the existing product range to hold onto its present consumer base. This will save the company against any financial risk in case of any failure. Project Scope As defined earlier, this project is to develop larger, touring motor cycles used for long distance, rough riding. These bikes will have powerful and robust engines to support the positioning of a powerful bike. These engines will have a minimum capacity of 1100 cc.
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