Project Plan for Whitbread World Sailboat Race

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Project Plan for Whitbread World Sailboat Race
Adrian D Brown
University of Phoenix Project Plan for Whitbread World Sailboat Race
In several months from now, on a misty spring morning the waters around London will be invaded by sleek designs of the latest sailboats technology has to offer. Approximately 14 countries will converge on the United Kingdom to participate in the Whitbread World Sailboat Race. One of the teams to participate will be lead by Trygve Wallvik, chosen helmsman to represent his country. Over the next 45 weeks, Bjorn Ericksen will manage the task of implementing the project to design and construct a sail boat, and train a crew to compete in the
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Likewise, efforts in developing a routine sailing and maintenance program can commence on the old vessel. As this maintenance program is developed, the crew will be able to use the new equipment as it arrives to complete development of the program. This will take about 15 weeks. When the preliminary routines are completed, the deck will be finished, and the boat parts (accessories, mast and seven sails) will be ready for installation. After the parts are installed and crew maintenance training is complete, the initial sail trainings effort will parallel the boat testing effort. Finally, when all initial training is complete, there will be 8 weeks of see trials. Based on this plan the schedule from item M to S will take 38 weeks to complete at an approximate direct cost of $270,000. The additional indirect expense of operating the boats will cost $ 162,000 where the old vessel cost is $60,000, and the new vessel cost is $102,000. The final effort will be the sea trials in the new boat will take eight weeks and have a direct cost of $200,000 and indirect cost of $48,000 for using the boat. Based on the schedules and paths lay out, the total cost of the project is $3,200,000, this would met the budget. Unfortunately, the schedule for the design path through sea trials will take 44 weeks, whereas the schedule time for the crew training through the sea trials will be 46 weeks. Since the initial two weeks were invested in cost estimates, this means

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