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INTRODUCTION A full wave rectifier is a device which is used to rectify all the alternating current components in an alternating supply and make it purely a direct current. The two alternating halves of an alternation current are rectified in a full wave rectifier which is an advantage over a half wave rectifier. Most of electronic devices cannot withstand very high voltage or alternating current due to its intense high power. The use of batteries in all devices is not practical as their replacement and durability is a huge problem as the device has to be dismantled each time for such a replacement. So these rectifiers are used in most of the electronic devices like TV’s, Radios, Chargers and Lightings etc. There are several stages in a…show more content…
It is also called Semiconductor or crystal diode. When diffusion of the two regions occur a resultant potential barrier is created between the two sides due to migration of electrons and holes. When the diode is connected with P side to positive terminal of a battery & N side to –ve terminal it is said to be forward biased & reverse biased when reversed. In forward biasing the applied positive potential repels the holes and turns a current is made to flow overcoming the internal potential Barrier. While in reverse biasing the –ve electrons 1st attract the holes and widen the Barrier and then only the repulsion between inner electrons occur and current flows. So theoretically no current flowsthrough due to the widening of the Potential barrier but practically a very small current does flows through. Different types of diodes are present : 1.Zener diode, 2.P-N junction diode, 3.Led , 4.Lad, 5.Solar Cell, Here we use a P-N junction diode. The greyish ring indicated the N side and the Black colouration the P side. xii)Finally, small equipments such as a soldering iron to solder the lead, Blades, holders, insulation tapes – to insulate the wire from shocking and sand paper – to rub the oxidized wire ends are used. CIRCUIT DIAGRAM :- Connection details :- Connections are done as in the circuit. The A.C. supply is given to both

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