Project Scope, Schedule, and Budget Planning: Riordan Manufacturing

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Introduction Riordan Manufacturing's China plant is the company's sole manufacturer of the electric fans and related products. The Hangzhou (China) facility represents a joint venture between Riordan Manufacturing and local partner who has expertise in the region. The local partner is responsible for supplying the labor, communication with other local vendors, governments, and regulatory agencies as well as providing a small sum of operating capital. The Riordan team provides the technical and process expertise as well as executive management to the Chinese joint-venture. Riordan originally chose the Hangzhou location because of the proximity to the Qiantang River and its logistical function of allowing the factory to use the river for the delivery of goods. The location was also well suited to source raw materials as well as work with other regional suppliers. However, as the factory's operations continued to grow, this required the use of shipping ports located in Hong Kong and Shanghai, which allowed the company a more cost effective logistics solution. Management has now identified the fact that a new location in Shanghai would put the company in a much better position Riordan to increase its distribution capacity throughout Asia and Europe. Therefore a new Shanghai location plan has been incorporated into the five year strategic planning strategy which will position the company in a way in which it can accommodate future growth and product demand. This paper

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