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Title: Project Management Concepts and Practices: Project Proposal for Installation of 220 Radiology (X-Ray) Imagers for the I-Med Network Australia-wide.

Assignment Topic:
The purpose of the assignment is to explore the application of concepts, tools and techniques covered in this subject and to present a report based on your findings.
Assignment task
Option 1) has been chosen by this author:-
Develop a project proposal for a new project.
The assignment might be based on:
A proposal for a potential new project that you or your organisation have in mind;
Appraisal of an activity you believe would be improved by managing as a project;
Appraisal of an existing work project you are currently involved with; or …show more content…

Conclusion 16 Glossary 17 References 18 Appendix 1 19 Appendix 2 20

1 Introduction
Whilst project management was once the domain of the building industry, the methods used there are now also utilised in new product development, event management, larger computer hardware and software installations, major equipment installations and, in any organisational event that is big enough to have a considerable number of demands and variables.
Projects have a specified objective to achieve, a start and end

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