Project on Beverage Company

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PROJECT FEASIBILITY DOCUMENT |Project name |insert project name | |Release |Draft/Final | | |Date: | |Author: | | |Project |…show more content…
Modify existing product 4. Off-the-shelf: the purchase of an existing solution Scope WHAT ARE THE BOUNDARIES OF THE FEASIBILITY STUDY? How will the feasibility study work with the longer term goal, is this part of a phased approach? Within what period will the project be delivered? Is accessibility or security likely to be a problem? Deliverables DESCRIBE THE DELIVERABLE WITHIN THE SCOPE CONSIDERED, THE END DELIVERABLE AND OTHERS, FOR EXAMPLE THE END DELIVERABLE MAY BE AN EVALUATION DOCUMENT WITH RECOMMENDATION What questions will be answered from the feasibility study? Exclusions IS THE PROJECT MAKING ANY EXCLUSIONS THAT THE READER MIGHT EXPECT TO SEE? Constraints & Assumptions IS IT LIKELY THAT THE PROJECT WILL NEED TO WORK WITHIN CERTAIN CONSTRAINTS? Are any imposed constraints likely to be problematical? Should the reader be aware of any assumptions that the project has made or will make? Interfaces DOES THE PROJECT NEED TO INTERFACE INTO ANY OTHER PROJECT, SYSTEMS, DEPARTMENTS, COMPANIES ETC? PROJECT ORGANISATION STRUCTURE IF YOUR FEASIBILITY STUDY INCLUDES ONLY A SMALL TEAM, SIMPLY DETAIL IT HERE USING THIS SECTION AS NECESSARY, POTENTIALLY REMOVE THE DIAGRAM/TABLE BELOW AND SIMPLY LIST THE PROJECT MANAGER/DIRECTOR AND ANY INVOLVED PARTIES. Project roles are not indicative of a staff position, the person with the most suitable experience and character will be selected for the
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