Promoting Media Literacy Through Early Exposure to Technology

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Promoting Media Literacy Through Early Exposure to Technology Introduction: The concept of media literacy is an increasingly important one in our everyday lives. The television, the internet and mobile smartphones have allowed for the penetration of media-based technology in virtually every aspect of our collective lifestyle. The need for and use of such technologies is inescapable if one aspires to interact with the modern world in a social or professional manner. And for younger media and technology users in particularly, Social Networking, blogging and a need for smart navigation of the web have generally become normative experiences. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that our children our educated according to these evolving conditions. Indeed, while questions persist as to the balance of risks and opportunities in exposing children to certain technologies at an early age, the discussion here will promote the thesis that properly controlled early exposure to television and web use are important to the critical process of teaching media literacy to young learners. Goal: The primary goal of the present study is to provide an overview of the value in providing children with early exposure to evolving media technology such as television and the internet while also offering some notes of caution that might better inform parents and educators on how to control this exposure experience. Indeed, as the research presented hereafter will demonstrate, there
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