Promoting The 6Cs Of Nursing In Patient Assessment

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CPD  Page 60 Patient assessment multiple choice questionnaire CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT  Page 61 Read Rose Gallacher’s practice profile on depression  Page 62 Guidelines on how to write a practice profile Promoting the 6Cs of nursing in patient assessment NS750 Clarke C (2014) Promoting the 6Cs of nursing in patient assessment. Nursing Standard. 28, 44, 52-59. Date of submission: March 10 2014; date of acceptance: April 17 2014. Abstract Recognising the deteriorating patient is an essential nursing skill, and structured frameworks should be in place to assist effective patient assessment. The aim of this article is to encourage nurses to consider how to promote the 6Cs of nursing within such assessment. The article …show more content…

However, it has been well documented that acutely ill hospitalised patients sometimes receive sub-optimal care because of healthcare professionals’ inability to recognise their clinical deterioration, or to act on indications of it in a timely manner (NICE 2007, Endacott et al 2010). The RCUK (2010) recommends that clinical staff should use the ABCDE approach when assessing and treating acutely ill patients to ensure that acute deterioration is identified promptly and managed appropriately (Jevon 2010). They should also use the SBAR tool (NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement 2008) to communicate information and ensure effective handover. This approach encompasses the use of the Early Warning Scoring tool, introduced in 2007 by the National Patient Safety Agency to identify patients at risk of deterioration. However, McCallum et al (2013) argued that the Early Warning Scoring tool does not place importance on the individual patient, with the focus being on the tool rather than on developing an understanding of the patient’s condition and any resulting treatment needs. A PACT has therefore been developed by the author to support the use of systematic © NURSING

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