Promotional Materials Should Be Selected

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• Fliers and registration forms should include all groups/agencies that will benefit from the proceeds raised by the event. The Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation should be considered in all fundraising activities and listed if it is to share in the proceeds. Promotional materials should be reviewed by your adviser and the Philanthropy Specialist.
• To encourage compliance, state on any promotional materials that all event-related activities are alcohol-free.
• For races, include a map of the course with registration materials to enable runners to become familiar with the terrain and aware of traffic exposures.
• Promotional materials should include a description of the event and a statement concerning the possibility of …show more content…

Kappa’s sample security agreement may be used, but should be modified to specify the duties unique to the event (e.g., dealing with a participant showing disregard for others’ safety).

A waiver is a document recording the waiving of a right or claim. Basically, it is a promise not to sue someone else. When planning an event that involves strenuous or physical activity, it may be in the chapter’s best interests to have participants sign a waiver. Reach out to the Risk Management Specialist to learn more about how waivers can help with risk management in your chapter. Remember, don’t sign a contract unless it has been reviewed and approved first!
• Consider using waivers for events with strenuous activity or risk of injury.
• Individuals need to understand that their personal medical insurance will pay for any medical costs associated with the treatment of an injury.

• Avoid conducting events at night. Participants are more subject to injury, alcohol consumption is more difficult to control and decreased visibility may affect drivers’ ability to see runners or avoid collisions.
• Any sporting apparatus or temporary seating for events should not be constructed. Contact MJ Insurance for assistance if any special preparations are necessary.
• Proper safety equipment should be used. Participants should be instructed on how to use the equipment. Anyone refusing to use safety equipment should not be allowed to participate.
• For

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