Support Childrens and Young Peoples Health and Safety

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Unit D6011696: Support Children and Young People 's Health and Safety. . Learning Outcome 1: Understand how to plan and provide environments and services that support children and young people’s health and safety. 1.1 In order to ensure a safe and healthy environment and services for children/young people there are some factors which need to be taken into account. These include any equipment which they will be in contact with, such as electrical equipment, anything which may pose a fire risk, any damaged furniture or fixtures which they may come into contact with. If there are any cables or anything they may trip over as well as any spillages or anything they may slip on and fall. All if these issues need to be taken into account…show more content…
Any area which will have children/young people playing in should be assessed before any child/young person goes into the area to make sure there is nothing harmful for example any broken equipment. Any issues which are found which may be a risk to health and safety need to be logged and discussed with other members or staff so that everyone is aware of any risks. Having a set guideline of what happens if equipment is broken or damaged, is a good idea so that staff know how to manage the situation and eliminate any future risk. 2.2 In dealing with an accident or hazard for example if a child was to trip and fall in the playground, there are set instructions to follow to ensure the incident is dealt with appropriately. This would involve taking the child to a registered first aider within the building to allow the child to receive treatment on any injury they may have received. An accident for needs to be filled out so that the accident has been recorded, this then needs to be logged and reported to a senior member or staff. As well as this the incident will need to be reported to and explain to the parents. An extra measure would be to carry out an assessment of the playground to make sure there are no hazards which may have caused the accident such as stones or glass for a child to trip over or no broken equipment or uneven surfaces which may cause futures problems. 2.3 When undertaking a health and
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